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Family Mediation Matters, FMMUK, is operated by myself, George Allingham.  I am a solicitor with over 25 years’ experience in dealing with family matters, and I am a trained family mediator. As a traditional family lawyer I always looked for a negotiated solution from virtually the outset of a case, and that sits very comfortably with the mediator role. My mediation training was with Resolution, whose constructive non adversarial code of conduct for its solicitor members can be found here.


While most of my mediations are undertaken in Haverfordwest in a purpose designed room I am happy to meet parties elsewhere provided a suitable, private venue with no distractions is available.

My solicitors practice is RTP Williams whose website can be found at



George Allingham

Family Mediation Matters


Resolution Accredited Matrimonial Specialist Solicitor and

Resolution Trained Family Mediator


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