Family Mediation Matters


“My time is charged on an hourly basis.  The initial assessment meeting of 15 minutes would not normally attract a charge.  Thereafter the rate is £180 per hour, plus VAT (£216).  This hourly rate is 10% less than the rate generally charged by experienced matrimonial lawyers and does of course cover both parties, not just one.


While a minimum of £250 could be budgeted for, the great majority of cases will take longer than that because of the need to gather information, discuss options, give time for reflection, obtain 3rd party advice, and also because it is not always possible, or desirable, to try and cover everything in one meeting.


As a broad indication, financial matters are likely to be between 3 hours and 10 hours, which would include the preparation of documents and writing up notes of the meeting.  While there is no normal or average figure, because every case is different, budgeting for 3 to 6 hours on a financial matter would not be unreasonable.  In children matters the time may be less as there will not be the same need to gather information, and discussing the issues from the outset is likely. As payment is requested in relation to each mediation meeting, then the parties will be clear as to the level of fees that they are incurring”.