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As a trained Mediator I can help you and your partner work things out together.


I will help you identify the issues of conflict between you and help you resolve them, whilst remaining impartial. 


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The actual process of separating and divorcing is relatively straightforward, and can be resolved by a couple taking to each other. However, few couples manage to do this because they are scared, they don't understand the process or the legal ramifications and their relationship may be highly emotional, lacking in trust or, to put it plainly, just a battleground.


To protect themslves, most couples turn to solicitors in the hope of getting as good a deal as they can. Solicitors are not allowed to act for both sides, as they are obliged to act in their client's best interests and so there would be a conflict of interests.


Therefore, separating couples have to use two separate sets of lawyers, and the bills soon mount up. This is at a time when the income and wealth of one household has to be stretched to provide for two.


Before you go to court about a financial or children matters dispute you are expected to demonstrate that you have explored the mediation option before making a formal aplication to the court.





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