Family Mediation Matters


How does mediation work?


The mediator will speak to you briefly about the process, to ensure you understand how it works. He or she will then contact your partner and have the same conversation with them. Sometimes mediators prefer to do this face to face rather than on the telephone.


The first mediation meeting:


You and your partner will meet with a mediator and outline the issues you need to resolve.

You might also talk about how to provide your financial information, fix the date or dates of future meetings and/or raise anything which is of immediate concern to either or both of you.


Working out the details:


Further meetings will be scheduled at which you may exchange financial information and consider options.

The mediator may suggest other help, such as financial advice or support for your children. Between meetings you may wish to meet with your lawyer for advice.


Finalising the proposals:


Once you have proposals you both find acceptable the mediator will prepare a summary of them, in a Memorandum of Understanding, together with a summary of the financial information which will be sent to each of you to discuss with your lawyers.

After you have both received legal advice, and if you are both still happy with the proposals, the lawyers will convert the summary into a legally binding document and carry out any necessary implementation